One Happy Client | Vivian Arias

One Happy Client | Vivian Arias

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Contact Name: Vivian Arias
Role: Writer / Producer
Company: Cartoon Network Brazil
Moonlights as: Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons

Working with Vivian Arias, our point of contact for Cartoon Network Latin America, is an absolute joy. Sure, every project we work on features some of the most beloved cartoon characters in the world, so “joy” is a bit par for the course… But honestly, we think Vivi could make marketing forklift accessories a treat. After we wrapped our Carnaval parade project for CNLA, we sent Vivi a few questions, if only to see if our business crush was reciprocated.

SC: Thanks for chatting with us! What do you like about working with Sprocket?

They are by far the most creative production house I work with. The creative environment at Sprocket and the talented people that work there definitely makes them a creative powerhouse. Every concept I take to Sprocket grows and develops into something way more interesting than I expected when I first wrote it.

I also love the fact that we work like a full unstoppable creative team, each person has a definite role on the project’s success. In the end you are not just a client there, you are an active creative collaborator each step of the way. [Sprocket] makes you feel like a better professional just by being around them and watching them work their magic. Plus, they make you look great to your bosses!

SC: We had about 45 days for the Carnaval project… Were you happy with the workflow on a tight timeline? Were there any moments of stress?

Haha, it’s hard to think of a project that hasn’t had a tight timeline! Fortunately, I’ve been working with Sprocket on a lot of small window projects. That takes my stress level way down since I know that the stakeholders (and myself) will be really happy with the end product no matter the timeline given. I have never worked on a project with Sprocket that wasn’t approved pretty much right away. I think it’s because they set realistic expectations for their clients based on the project’s brief and timeline, so we know what to expect. It also helps that they then exceed those expectations in every possible way.

SC: So you liked the end result then?

Oh, absolutely. For Carnaval, I knew Sprocket was the right partner. I needed to create a Cartoon Network Promo that represented the visual extravaganza that is the real life Carnaval, and I had no doubt that Sprocket was going to give me that visual extravaganza and more, even with the timeline in mind. It’s by far the most beautiful project I delivered this year, and maybe since I moved into my current position at Cartoon Network Brazil.

SC: Hey, thanks! It seems the entire Latin America team ended up really enjoying the project, did you guys collectively have any favorite pieces from the animation?

Yes, the LA team was so happy with the project that our regional marketing coordinators decided to stop what they were planning for Carnaval’s print communications, and use the art elements that Sprocket Creative made instead. They also used these elements for [Cartoon Network Brazil’s] own Carnaval event. As far as favorite pieces go, the balloons are amazingly beautiful, everyone at CN fell in love with them. The dream now is to one day create real life versions of these balloons! Hopefully one day we’ll get that done too!

Thanks to Vivian Arias for taking the time to answer questions. Feel free to check out the Carnaval spot below, and check us out on Facebook to stay up to date on all Sprocket developments, projects, and regrettable movie choices.