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Sprocket Shorts | Reimagining “The Sound of Music”

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Sprocket Reimagines the Classics takes a familiar property and turns it on its head to see what could’ve been. Think of these shorts as a portal to a different (and way more awesome) universe.

The Sound of Music is perhaps the most beloved musical about nazi invasion ever written. Even if you’ve never seen it, chances are you know a small handful of Maria von Trapp’s favorite things, and that the hills are, in fact, alive. But what if Julie Andrews’ yodeling woke up more than the mountains? Call it a page out of Call of Duty’s book, but we couldn’t help but reimagine the arrival of the third reich as a full on zombie apocalypse. Now that would really get those von Trapp children saying, “auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!” It’s hard to imagine the hugely competent Maria running (and/or spinning) for the hills though, so we made sure to animate her and the brood giving those undead soldiers what-for. Looking back, the Luger pistol makes a lot of sense, but we’re not exactly sure where our hero might’ve gotten a machete… A souvenir from the convent perhaps? Hey, on some missions blades are standard issue. Alright, now sing along with us: “When the dead bites, when the stam-pedes, when you’re craving brai-i-ins…”

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Sprocket Creative | The Sound of Music | Concept 1

Sprocket Creative | The Sound of Music | Process

Sprocket Creative | The Sound of Music | Concept 2