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Sprocket Shorts | SHATS Episode 1: Tacocat

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Sh*t Heard Around the Studio is our aptly named series of shorts inspired by… well, shit heard around the studio. In these posts, we try to give a little context to what was said and why, and see if there’s any hidden genius in the nonsense. Probably not, but you know, worth a shot.

We live in the age of short attention spans. When you’re talking about motion design and animation, that can be a little bittersweet. On the “sweet” side, you get to make some tight, sniper honed content. Knock-you-over-the-head type of shorts. As for the “bitter” though, if you ever want to go outside of that two-minute sweet spot, maybe take the audience on a little journey, you have to maintain the wow factor at 110% for the entire runtime. A fun challenge, definitely, but sometimes wrestling millennial eyeballs long enough to tell a story with complexity can be a little daunting. So the other day when we were talking about what works in the digital world and what doesn’t, someone made the point that no matter what you make and put on the internet, remember: it is going up against a kitten in a taco suit. And a kitten in a taco suit (aka tacocat) is absolutely nothing at which to scoff. In the contest for human attention, a tacocat is basically the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of grabbing eyeballs, so your creations better be in a state of full Hulkamania if you hope to even get a glance. The bright side is that it’s not impossible to gain some traction on not-so-short stories. For instance, Vimeo highlights plenty of longer form content regularly, it just happens to be some of the best video ever. So bring that A-game, content creators! You’ve got the most formidable (and palindromic) opponent around.

SHATS Tacocat |Animation Process | Sprocket Creative

SHATS Tacocat |Illustration Concept | Sprocket Creative