Sprocketeer Spotlight | Christian Velez

Sprocketeer Spotlight | Christian Velez

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Name: Christian Velez
Role: Motion Graphics | Designer | Ranger of the North
Softwares: Photoshop | After Effects | Trapcode Suite | Cinema4D
Dream Clients / Projects: Marvel Comics or WETA, who handled concept art for Lord of the Rings

Christian Velez is an absolute and total geek. And it is absolutely and totally awesome. Sure, we’re a bit biased (Sprocket co-founder Dean Velez is his dad after all), but even if Christian was a random rogue, we’d still be incredibly stoked that he joined our party. Since he came on board a year ago, he’s become an accomplished motion designer and all around better creative.

Prior to joining the Sprocket team, Christian was working for The Center for TLC as an ABA technician, helping children with autism. Today he says that he’s found a way to combine that drive with his creative spirit, and can reach out to a lot more people through his craft. Not that the transition hasn’t been trying at times. Christian immersed himself in our ANVEL program as soon as he arrived in ATL, and in a breakneck three month period learned After Effects and Trapcode Suite, eventually producing some serious motion graphic work for Ben 10 and other Sprocket projects. When he’s not working on client requests though, Christian spends his free time writing his own fantasy adventure, drawing on his real life experiences to create characters and fantasy scenarios, sometimes editing his protagonists into real world photography.

When you’re a geek about something, whether it’s deep cut industrial music, farm-to-table restaurants, or epic fantasy stories, people will try to dissuade you. It can surface as an outright dismissal of your nerdery or a simple, friendly jab, but folks will always try to widdle your fervor into a more palpable apathy. At Sprocket, we believe that the meat grinder of mediocrity can kill the best parts of us, and that each individual’s passion is to be celebrated, explored, and honed into a kickass craft or deep, unflinching knowledge. Christian Velez is the perfect example of a passionate individual with great respect for creation, storytelling, and world building. Because we support him in these “geeky” pursuits, we get to reap the rewards of his great work and fantastic imagination.