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Sprocketeer Spotlight | Liah Honeycutt

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Name: Liah Honeycutt
Role: Motion Graphics | Animator | Visual Wunderkind
Softwares: After Effects | Anime Studio Pro | Illustrator | Photoshop | Cinema 4D
Dream Clients / Projects: Adult Swim

Sprocket Creative, in conjunction with our apprentice program The Anvel, takes in pupils of all backgrounds and skill levels. Every day we see promising motion designers get more confident in their abilities. We see people from entirely different career paths growing in their understanding of our softwares and in the process of creation. As tradesmen, this is one of the greatest rewards of our job: passing along our craft and work ethic to the next wave of animators and illustrators. So when it comes to Liah Honeycutt, our youngest apprentice ever, we’re particularly proud of just how badass she’s become.

A little background here. We’ve known Liah for over a decade. She’s a friend of our co-founder’s family, all the way back to when her and Christian (featured here) were in kindergarten together. When she wasn’t studying Napping or Block Construction, she was honing her talents as a doodler. But unlike most folks, she stuck with it, and when she turned fifteen, Dean started teaching her animation software. By sixteen, she was creating her own presets for software plugins. If that sentence fried your brain a little bit, don’t worry. That’s the appropriate reaction. Liah’s photographic memory for learning these softwares is at times flabbergasting. And while we’re happy to have had a hand in honing it, there’s definitely something innate there.

A couple years later, prior to her eighteenth birthday, Liah became a professional motion designer, working on client projects and making a good chunk of money doing it. With this new animation knowledge, she made the decision to go to SCAD and landed a sizeable scholarship to boot. Today, Liah is twenty-one, working hard while going to school full-time, and still manages to maintain a 3.5 GPA. She can take a project from concept to completion singlehandedly and on time. And, don’t tell her we said this, but she is definitely our strongest and fastest 2D animator. Pretty amazing for someone who started as a simple doodle enthusiast.

You know, circumstances with Liah are certainly specific. It’s not often that you can begin training someone as early as fifteen, and rarer still that a teenager will remain committed to something into their adulthood. But when viewed as a microcosm for mentorship, Liah is a great example for why you should learn a craft this way. And from our viewpoint, why you should pass it on. Cause it’s not just about what a talented team member she’s become, but also the confidence she has to create whatever she wants both behind the computer and out in the *gasp* real world. For us, that’s a really great reason to get up in the morning.